Use Water Bottles to Stop Your Slice

Published on Monday, April 3rd, 2017 in Golf Tips

Water bottles? Hear me out. Most golfers who slice the ball (which is, most golfers, including yours truly) do so because we swing our drivers with an outside-to-in swing path — that is, the clubhead starts outside the ball on our downswing, then finishes inside the ball, relative to the line on which we’re trying to hit.

And, frankly, this is something most of us slicers already know. But knowing what we need to do, and then actually doing it, are two very different things — in my case, at least, 30 years of muscle memory is tough to overcome.

That’s why the guys at recommend using visual aids for what they call “negative feedback.” By placing water bottles on the incorrect swing path, your brain automatically corrects to avoid them, leading the club down the proper swing path instead. If you hit the bottles, that’s OK — set them up and try again. With enough practice swings, you can eventually reprogram your brain to swing the club properly — even without the water bottles in place.

I tried a similar strategy with a youth softball team I coach last year, when my players kept dropping their bats down low before swinging through. I added an obstacle behind the tee so that they couldn’t hit the ball if they came in too low — and, voila, before long they were all swinging on the proper path.

I’ll be giving this a try on my next trip to the range. Hopefully it will work for you, too!

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