The Putting Alley

Published on Thursday, October 25th, 2012 in Gear of the Week

By putting a ball down a raised metal bar at the center of the Putting Alley, golfers are able to fine-tune their ball-striking and aim.

Price: $159.95 (wood) / $49.95 (metal) |

Roughly one-third of all shots a golfer takes on the course will be putts. Yet, most golfers still spend most of their time and money on improving their driver or iron play, with putting often a 2-3 minute afterthought in between a bucket of balls and the first tee.

To that end, local golfer Tim Maloney and a golfing buddy developed The Putting Alley, an in-home practice tool that encourages better technique and focus – with proven results.

“Bernhard Langer sent us an e-mail and says he loves it,” Maloney says. “It really works.”

The Putting Alley features a 27-inch board with a narrow metal rail (either one-inch or one-half inch wide, depending on which side of the device you use) down the center. The object is simple – keep the ball on the rail the entire way to the cup.

Maloney says that the 27-inch length was chosen because it is “outside the leather” – the distance within which most “gimmes” occur, and the distance at which most golfers start to miss with more frequency. Because of the precision necessary to keep the putt on the Putting Alley’s metal strip, Maloney says that testing has demonstrated the one-inch side of the product to be equivalent to a 10-foot putt, while the half-inch side is equivalent to a 20-foot putt. Not bad for something small enough to fit into your travel bag, or sit comfortably in the corner of your rec room.

“In addition to keeping the putter square at impact, it really improves players’ confidence level,” Maloney says. “They’re not afraid to go after the hole on longer putts. And when you have the confidence to putt aggressively, you make more putts.”

It’s not much fun to hit the range in the wind and rain to work on your driver – so why not work on your putting while watching football on a Sunday morning instead?

The wood version retails for $159.95, while the metal version is available for less than $50. Check them out online at

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  1. Richard Says:

    Can you help us find the putting alley training device new or used for our kids program. Cannot find one anywhere and is a great aid for kids.

    Thanks much

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