Set-Up Positions for Driver and Irons

Published on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 in Golf Tips

It’s not uncommon to see golfers — especially new ones — use similar setups for your driver and your irons. Sure, you may tee the ball a little farther forward in your stance with your driver than you would with your irons, but otherwise, the swing looks pretty much the same.

If you’re doing it this way, though, you’re probably not having a lot of success — either you hit steep, short drives (or, worse, nothing but worm-burners), or you are likely to be chunking your irons. That’s because you actually want to hit the ball with a driver after the club has bottomed out in the swing, while it is on the way back up; while, with an iron, the opposite is true — you want to strike the ball just before the club bottoms out, when it is still on the way down.

In this week’s Cascade Golfer Tip of the Week, Piers and Andy of demonstrate the proper setup for both drivers and irons, and explain why a small difference in your setup can have a big impact on your game.

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