Save Big On Golf With All-New NW Golfers Playbook

Published on Friday, December 2nd, 2016 in News | Slider


Just about every adult has, at one time or another, held an entertainment book in their hands. You know the one — chock full of discounts to restaurants, theaters and other miscellaneous vendors throughout the region. A 2-for-1 entree at Black Angus might be opposite a free popcorn at your local AMC theater. If you’ve never owned one, I can all but guarantee that your parents did.

Some families always go out to eat at the same places. Not us — when I was a kid, we almost never went to the same place twice in a given year. When we wanted to go out, Dad would take out the entertainment book, flipping past the tattered remnants of deals he’d already cut out, and announce that tonight was going to be Italian, because some new place across town was offering free dessert with your entree purchase. That’s how I ended up trying rum for the first time at the age of eight, in a particularly soaked tiramisu.

The fact is, though, it was fun to check out new places all the time, and those books saved our family a lot of money. Twenty-percent off here, a free entree there, a free admission to a local museum … add it up and, by the end of the year, we’d easily saved more than we spent on the book itself. Dad bought the new one every year when it came out, and we always looked forward to flipping through it to find the best deals.

At CG HQ, we had the same feeling the first time we got our hands on the new 2017 Northwest Golfers Playbook. Packed from cover to cover with over 100 deals to local golf courses, retailers and other golf-related businesses, it’s like an entertainment book specifically made for Northwest golfers. We’re talking 2-for-1s, 4-for-3s and other savings at courses like Chambers Bay, Wine Valley, Palouse Ridge, Suncadia, Semiahmoo, Gold Mountain, Trophy Lake, McCormick Woods and dozens more, plus discounts to places like Puetz Golf, the Clubhouse Golf Center and other local businesses.

Add it all up, and it’s nearly $5,000 in golf savings, to more than 90 courses, for just $39.95.

Of course, no one could ever use every coupon (though it’d be fun to try), but consider that if you use just one 2-for-1 at a course with a $40 greens fee — just one! — then the book has already paid for itself. Everything after that, Dad would be quick to point out, is pure profit.

With the holidays coming up, the Northwest Golfers Playbook is a perfect gift for your Mom, Dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, cousin, boss, Secret Santa, best friend, worst enemy (hey, keep ’em close, right?) — anyone you know who loves playing golf, and saving money. Books are available online at, and in any Puetz Golf Superstore. Readers can also use the discount code “SAVEBIGONGOLF” on all online orders to save an additional $10.

So where will you find CG staff playing in 2017? Let’s crack open our 2017 Northwest Golfers Playbook and find out.

4 Responses to “Save Big On Golf With All-New NW Golfers Playbook”

  1. Bruce Jones Says:

    I bought one of these as I remembered the Entertainment books and how useful they were. I thought it would be a good chance to get friends to try some pricier courses. Sadly, I’m disappointed. Here are two examples. Example 1. You decide to play Suncadia–each of the foursome has a Playbook. The coupon? Four play for the price of Three, M-Th only. So three of us CAN’T USE THE COUPON if we go play Suncadia. Example 2. Bear Mountain–4 for the price of three; good ONLY Mon. – Thurs. BEFORE Memorial Day or AFTER Labor Day.
    And the Playbook itself? Approximately 1/3 of it is devoted to Oregon/Portland area. Any 2-for-1 in the Seattle area? Answer: 1; Snohomish M-F only Mar.-Oct. after 12pm; Jan/Feb/Nov/Dec anytime M-F.
    If the Entertainment book had tried buy 4 meals, get one free, Monday-Thursday only, it would have died a quick death. So a C- for effort. Maybe next year.

  2. Brian Beaky Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    We’re sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the purchase. With all the 2-for-1s (including Battle Creek and Snohomish) 4-for-2s at places like Echo Falls, Hawks Prairie, Oakbrook, Trophy Lake and Meadow Park, 18-for-9s at Mount Si — all of which I think most people would consider the “Seattle area” — we feel that it just takes using any one of those coupons to make the book pay for itself, leaving the rest as pure gravy. Obviously, we don’t expect Seattle-area golfers to use all of the Oregon coupons, or vice versa, but at a total value of $4,700 for all coupons, that still leaves more than $2,000 worth of coupons per region to take advantage of, for just $40.

    With regard to the Suncadia coupon, no, it wouldn’t make sense for four of you to bring a coupon. But, if just one of you had the coupon, you could all four play for the price of three — a $90 savings for your foursome, or about $22.50 per player, assume that you spread the savings out among the four of you. That seems to exactly hit your desire of getting friends to try pricier courses at a discount. The same is true at other destination tracks like Bear Mountain Ranch or Desert Canyon ($60 savings for your foursome, using the 4-for-3), or local courses like McCormick Woods ($64 savings for your foursome), Gold Mountain Olympic ($50 savings for your foursome) and even Chambers Bay ($175 savings for your foursome). If you are truly looking to get friends to join you at some higher-priced courses, by saving them 25 percent or more on their greens fees, I can’t imagine you’ll find a better way to do so than the Playbook.

    All of the restrictions are clearly printed on the website,, and I’d certainly advise anyone thinking about buying one to review them and make sure that you can play at the times and days allowed.

    Hopefully, the more you use it, the more value you’ll see. Thanks!

  3. Doug Palin Says:

    Is there a list of courses somewhere? I live in Vancouver, WA and play around the Portland area

  4. Brian Says:

    Hi Doug — Yes, all the courses and restrictions are listed here:

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