PING G400 Driver

Published on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 in Gear of the Week

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When manufacturers refer to a driver’s aerodynamics, they’re usually talking about at a certain angle — namely, the final, roughly level stretch as you bring the club through the impact zone.

The fact is, though, that your driver twists through multiple different angles on the downswing — customizing the aerodynamics to match just one of those angles leaves a lot of potential clubhead speed on the table. That’s why PING has streamlined the head of the new G400 driver to reduce drag by as much as 40 percent in certain portions of the swing, and 15 percent overall — resulting in a driver that is faster than ever.

Combined with a thinner, fully-forged face that flexes 16 percent more than the previous G driver, the G400 produces ball speeds up to two miles per hour faster than before, resulting in approximately five yards of distance gain across the entire face.

And it’s not only faster, it’s also more forgiving, thanks to PING’s Dragonfly technology (the ultra-thin crown and supported by strong, narrow bands) and a new tungsten sole weight. Longer, faster, straighter, better-sounding — and with a cool, color-shifting shaft to boot — it’s a club worth checking out this summer.


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