PING Anser Driver

Published on Monday, July 30th, 2012 in Gear of the Week

PUETZ GOLF PRICE: Driver: $399.95 | Fairway Wood: $249.95

PING is known for making waves with its fall product releases, but the company may have outdone itself in 2012 — not only is PING releasing its first-ever adjustable driver, the all-black Anser, it’s the headliner of an all-new, high-tech (and high-performing) product line, including the driver, fairway woods, irons, hybrids, wedges — even an all-new women’s set, the Serene.

Not officially released to the public until July 25, Cascade Golfer was given a sneak peek at the full line earlier this summer — provided we agreed to keep our lips sealed until the August issue hit the streets.

Now that the mag has arrived in our mailbox, we can tell you about PING’s first adjustable driver, which looks — and feels — incredible, both from the moment you pull off the headcover, to the moment after impact when you watch your ball sail long and straight down the fairway (and comes with any of four of the coolest-looking shafts we’ve ever seen).

The Anser is PING’s first adjustable driver – offering golfers the ability to fine-tune their trajectory through a combination of loft adjustment and shaft selection, a process PING calls “Trajectory Tuning.”

With its low-spin head, the Anser driver represents a fully optimized design solution that generates ideal trajectories for maximizing distance and accuracy. Adjustable loft tuning lets the golfer add or subtract one-half degree of loft beyond the standard setting with the simple turn of a PING wrench. The adjustable hosel is lightweight and small in diameter, which improves aerodynamics for generating clubhead speed and distance.

Four sweet-looking shafts further help golfers fine-tune their drives by offering variable weight, stiffness and trajectory. The driver’s rear sole weight positions the CG back and slightly lower to generate a mid-high launch that adds distance and forgiveness, while the neutral head rotation promotes square impact, and its low-spin design minimizes sidespin for improved accuracy.

In addition to the driver, the new Anser fairway woods are also adjustable, letting golfers change the loft plus or minus one-half degree. And while the performance is outstanding, it’s the look that you won’t soon forget — an all-black, matte finish that reduces glare and, when combined with the four unique shafts, tells your fellow players that you mean business.


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