Nominate Your Favorite Course for Washington’s Top-10

Published on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 in News | Slider

Chambers Bay has finished atop the rankings in every year they’ve been published. Can it make it three in a row, or will another course claim the prize as Washington’s best?

Cascade Golfer’s ranking of the state’s top golf courses is back, and we need your help! In the coming months, we’ll be canvassing the state to collect as much data as we can for our third bi-annual ranking of Washington’s top public golf courses.

Chambers Bay captured the top spot in both 2013 and 2015 — but David McLay Kidd’s Gamble Sands nearly dethroned the king in its U.S. Open year, finishing second in 2015 despite having been open for fewer than 12 months. Can Gamble Sands — or Wine Valley, Gold Mountain or any of the state’s other highly-rated tracks — take over the No. 1 spot? And where will your favorite course finish?

In addition to gathering input from our team of golf writers and industry experts, we want to hear from you! What are your favorite public courses in Washington state? Are there any hidden gems that you think we need to check out? Just as we did in 2013, we’ll be breaking down rankings by region, price point and more, so feel free to nominate any of your favorite tracks, even if you think they might not make the overall top-10.

To nominate a deserving course or courses, comment below or send an e-mail to Include your name and hometown. Each reader to make a nomination will be automatically entered to win a twosome of golf; submit a comment along with your picks, and we might even publish your thoughts in the August issue of Cascade Golfer!

81 Responses to “Nominate Your Favorite Course for Washington’s Top-10”

  1. Gary Says:

    Gamble Sands
    Home Course
    Gold Mountain Olympic
    Suncadia Prospector
    Tri Mountain
    Trophy Lake
    Apple Tree
    Salish Cliffs
    Chambers Bay

  2. Mary Jo Case Says:

    I nominate Sudden Valley Golf Club in Bellingham, WA. It is a beautiful golf course with the front 9 being flat and open. The 5th hole flows out onto a peninsula along the shores of Lake Whatcom. The hilly back 9 is tighter and shorter than the front 9, but gives all golfers lots of challenges. The #15th hole is a cliff hole that delights all levels of golfers. This course is a delight to play and never gets boring due to the variety of holes and the beauty of its setting.

  3. Gene Says:

    WalMart has given Allenmore golf course and the Elks club quite a bit of money and they are investing a good portion of that money back into the course. Play there for cheap while you can.

  4. gregory bickel Says:

    My top ten courses for Washington State are

    1. Chambers Bay
    2. Gamble Sands
    3. Wine Valley
    4. Palouse Ridge
    5. Salish Cliffs
    6. Kalispell Golf and Country Club
    7. Indian Canyon
    8. White Horse
    9. Newcastle Golf Course-Coal Creek
    10. Home Course

  5. Danny Watson Says:


  6. Phil Kelley Says:

    1 Wine Valley, best course in the state by far.
    2 Palouse Ridge, Lucky Cougs.
    3 Gold Mountain Olympic, one I get to play occasionally
    4 Home Course, another course I get to play.
    5 Eagles Pride, close to home.
    6 Suncadia Rope Rider, fun track.
    7 Suncadia Prospector, see above.
    8 Gamble Sands, should be higher but I haven’t been there yet.
    9 Salish Cliffs, nice change of pace from flat courses.
    10 Apple Tree, call me Johnny Appleseed

  7. Al Aldrich Says:

    My top ten include

    Moses Pointe
    Salish Cliffs
    Gamble Sands
    Palouse Ridge
    Home Course
    Harbour Pointe
    Wine Valley
    Washington National
    Gold Mountain Olympia
    Trophy Lake

  8. David Brewster Says:

    Top 10 I’ve played:
    Gamble Sands
    Chambers Bay
    Wine Valley
    Gold Mountain – Olympic
    Home Course
    Avalon Golf Links – South & North
    Palouse Ridge
    North Bellingham
    White Horse
    Indian Canyon

  9. Todd Dunham Says:

    1) Chambers Bay
    2) Wine Valley
    3) Palouse Ridge
    4) Gold Mountain Olympic Course
    5) The Home Course
    6) Gamble Sands
    7) Whitehorse
    8) Salish Cliffs
    9) Suncadia Rope Rider
    10)Suncadia Prospector

  10. Stephen Capen Says:

    1. Gamble Sands
    2. Chambers Bay
    3. Suncadia Prospector
    4. Gold Mountain -Cascade
    5. Wine Valley
    6. Salish Cliffs
    7. Home Course
    8. Palouse Ridge
    9. Trophy Lake
    10. Gold Mountain – Olympic course

  11. Patrick Says:


  12. Tre Says:

    1. Gamble Sands
    2. Chambers Bay
    3. Palouse Ridge
    4. Wine Valley
    5. Salish Cliffs
    6. Olympic – Cascade
    7. Suncadia – Rope Rider
    8. White Horse
    9. Trophy Lake
    10. Home Course

  13. Ty Says:

    1- Gold Mountain Olympic course
    2- Wine Valley
    3- Gamble Sands
    4- Chambers Bay
    5- Suncadia Prospector
    6- Desert Canyon
    7- Indian Canyon
    8- Apple Tree
    9- The Home Course
    10- Druids Glen

  14. Gary Nomensen Says:

    My Top 10–Olympia
    Apple Tree
    Kayak Point
    Port Ludlow
    Indian Canyon
    Desert Canyon
    Home Course
    Moises Point
    Sudden Valley
    Gold Mountain- Olympic Course
    Gold Mountain- Cascade

  15. Stevo Says:

    Top Courses I’ve played
    1. Chambers – the total package from an true authentic golf experience standpoint, from arrival to departure. So many signature holes, challenging but fair. It feels like the course came out of the topography. Only issue is the greens were in bad shape. I thought it was just me but it seems to be consistent feedback. All things considered, favorite public course in WA.
    2. Salish Cliffs – Gorgeous track. Pristine condition. Secluded journey through the forest. Great clubhouse, excellent service. Many interesting holes (particularly 2, 4, and the combined green on 9 & 18). I never get bored. Feels a bit different to PNW golf, may be due to the grass type?
    3. Gold Mountain (Olympic) – In my opinion, it’s the most authentic PNW golf course in the state utilizing every aspect of natural wildlife and features in from the region. Tall cedars, lakes, creeks, wetlands, hills, and animals (spotted bald eagles and deer). I feel like I’m on a cascade hike when playing this track. Interesting layout and good condition both times I played. They also seemed to care about pace of play on Olympic the times I’ve played, which was a bonus. Also, excellent value. Best course, dollar for dollar in WA.
    4. The Home Course – Without being “stunning” and lacking a true signature hole, this is the most fun course I’ve played. I find myself always wanting to come back. Fair and enjoyable with open fairways and challenging greens and pin placements, truly fun for all skill levels. The bar for each hole is high and there are no throw-away holes. Looking forward to the new clubhouse opening!
    5. White Horse – Remote track through the deep forest, very scenic. Solid layout. Key characteristic: challenging. I read they softened the course, I can’t imagine playing it before. Accuracy is a must off the tee and sometimes even when you hit the fairway, given the undulations, you have a chance of rolling off. Still a fun track but need to be in peak form to play this one.
    6. Golf Club at Redmond Ridge – Seems to be a bit underrated IMHO, though the last time I played it was Trilogy so I’m not sure how the course has held up since OKI took over. I really enjoy the first 4 holes and the views on the back nine. The blind second shot on that par 4 on the back nine is a love or hate hole. I happen to enjoy it.
    7. Camas Meadows
    8. McCormick Woods
    9. Hawk’s Prairie Woodlands
    10. Harbour Pointe

    Sentimental Favorites & Under-rated
    -Echo Falls: Pros – interesting, fun, and unique. Great clubhouse with view. Fantastic finishing holes 17 & 18 that are a well-kept secret. Cons – muddy after rain, pace of play, can be in a bad shape mid-summer. Un-walkable.
    -West Seattle( my home course): I have this as underrated but after seeing a few people with this in their top ten, this may in fact be overrated. Pros: Proximity to city. Accepting atmosphere (this is where I take my buds who don’t play golf or who are learning). Fun design for a muni. Nice views in the back nine. Cons: MUD. Does not drain well at all (particularly 1 and 9). Must play during summer or after significant sun. Last five holes are boring going back and forth up a hill. No range (though there is a mat for warming up). Big risk of getting hit. Practically all par 4/5 fairways are in prime position to get pelted by adjacent hole slices. Trees aren’t tall enough to catch the balls and new players don’t yell fore. Only course I’ve been hit with a ball on.
    -Tall Chief (RIP) – honorable mention. Best 12 hole golf course in the state in it’s day.

    On the short list but haven’t played yet:
    -Gamble Sands
    -Wine Valley
    -Palouse Ridge
    -Apple Tree
    -Trophy Lake
    -Suncadia courses
    -Loomis Trails
    -Washington National
    -Newcastle, Coal Creek

  16. Michael Truan Says:

    I nominate Gamble Sandsas the best course in Washington

  17. Carrie Says:

    Elk Ridge Golf Course in Carson Washington

  18. Richard Foster Says:

    I nominate “Lake Spanaway Golf Course”

  19. SA Says:

    1. Gamble Sands
    2. The Home Course
    3. Gold Mountain – Olympic
    4. Suncadia Prospector
    5. Chambers Bay
    6. Salish
    7. Wine Valley
    8. Loomis Trail
    9. Hawks Prairie Woodlands
    10. McCormick Woods

  20. Gary Says:

    Home Course, Olympic Course at Gold Mountain, Salish Cliffs, Gamble Sands, Loomis Trail, White Horse, Indian Canyon, Wine Valley, Prospector at Suncadia, and McCormick Woods.

  21. Allen Says:

    1. Wine Valley
    2. Gold Mountain-Olympic
    3. Home Course
    4. Salish Cliffs
    5. White Horse
    6. Chambers Bay
    7. Indian Summer
    8. Desert Canyon
    9. Apple Tree
    10. Trophy Lake

  22. John Says:

    1. Chambers Bay: Named yesterday by Golf Digest as 24th in the nation!
    2. Gamble Sands
    3. The Home Course
    4. Palouse Ridge
    5. Salish Cliffs
    6. Gold Mountain Olympic
    7. Indian Canyon
    8. Lake Spanaway
    9. Desert Canyon
    10. Loomis Trail

  23. JLJR Says:

    1. Chambers Bay
    2. Gamble Sands
    3. Loomis Trail
    4. Palouse Ridge
    5. Moses Point
    6. Gold Mountain Olympic
    7. Indian Canyon
    8. Lake Spanaway
    9. Allenmore
    10. The Home Course

  24. Andrew Wasbrekke Says:

    My Top Ten 1. Chambers Bay 2. Wine Valley 3. Gamble Sands 4. Palouse Ridge 5. White Horse 6. Home Course 7.Indian Canyon 8. Moses Point 9. Chewelah 10. Apple Tree

  25. John J Says:

    Gamble Sands is the best course in Washington. It is challenging but not punishing. Also it is very walkable, something that is becoming rare in course design.

  26. Mike Says:

    My top ten:
    Wine Valley
    Gamble sands
    Chambers bay
    Palouse Ridge
    Gold Mountain
    North Bellingham
    Rope Rider
    Desert canyon
    Snoqualmie falls

  27. Dave Wold Says:

    Palouse Ridge
    Gamble Sands
    Mose Pointe
    Everett Golf and Country Club
    Desert Canyon
    Indian Canyon
    Suncadia Prospector
    Apple Tree

  28. Steve Mentele Says:

    Listing only courses I’ve played:
    1. Palouse Ridge
    2. Avalon (it has a bonus nine!)
    3. Salish Cliffs
    4. Semiahmoo
    5. White Horse
    6. Washington National
    7. Lake Padden
    8. Desert Canyon
    9. Allenmore
    10. Harbour Point

    Courses I can’t personally rate, not having played them… yet: Chambers, Trophy Lake, Indian Canyon, Coal Creek, Rope Rider, Prospector, Apple Tree, Gamble, Moses Pointe, Wine Valley, Gold Mountain…

  29. Rick D Says:

    1. Gamble Sands
    2. Wine Valley
    3. Palouse Ridge
    4. Sahalee
    5. Washington National
    6. The Home Course
    7. Salish Cliffs
    8. Bear Mountain Ranch
    9. Gold Mountain
    10. Chambers Bay

  30. Luther Hubbard Says:

    Only ranking courses I’ve played

    1. Chambers Bay
    2. Gamble Sands
    3. Salish Cliffs
    4. Gold Mountain – Olympic
    5. The Home Course
    6. Trophy Lake
    7. Washington National
    8. Indian Canyon
    9. Newcastle Coal Creek – Not really worth the $ though
    10. Gold Mountain – Cascade

  31. Gary Says:

    1. Chambers Bay
    2. Gamble Sands
    3. Wine Valley
    4. Home Course
    5. Palouse Ridge
    6. Washington National
    7. Salish Cliffs
    8. Trophy Lake
    9. White Horse
    10. Gold Mountain – Olympic

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