Kikkor Golf Founder and UW golf alum James Lepp to appear on Big Break

Published on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 in News | Slider

Husky golf alum and Kikkor Golf founder James Lepp will be one of 12 cast members on the new season of the Golf Channel's "Big Break" series.

2005 NCAA champion turned golf shoe entrepreneur to debut Wednesday night on sneak preview of Golf Channel’s “Big Break” fall season.

If you’re a regular reader of Cascade Golfer, then you’re no doubt familiar with former University of Washington golfer James Lepp and his Vancouver-based shoe company, Kikkor Golf. Since retiring from professional golf and launching Kikkor in 2010, Lepp has become one of the fastest-rising entrepreneurs in the golf world, his casually-styled, high-performing golf shoes earning raves from golfers and golf media alike.

You’ve checked out his innovative styles — the slip-on, Vans-style Slyder, the comfortable Tenny, maybe even the high-top New Heights. You’ve read his tips in our “Practice Tee” section, on topics ranging from chipping from tight lies, to developing a better feel for your putting.

You’ve seen all of that — but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Starting tonight, Lepp takes his show to the airwaves as a cast member on the new season of the Golf Channel’s “Big Break” series, this time set at West Virginia’s Greenbrier Resort. The series will premiere Oct. 2, but is giving viewers a sneak peak at the premiere episode on the Golf Channel at 9 ET Wednesday.

In addition to no doubt sporting the most stylish footwear of any cast member in Big Break history, the 28-year old Lepp will be competing against 11 other golfers for up to $80,000 in prizes. Lepp, who quit the game in 2008 just three years after winning the NCAA men’s individual title at Washington, says applying to the show was as much about reconnecting to the game of golf as it is a chance to show off his Kikks on national TV.

“I wanted to be a professional golfer since I was four years old, ever since I picked up a golf club.  I love golf, and live for golf.  It’s all I really know,” he says. “A couple of years into playing professionally I hit a pretty solid wall. I was starting to ‘hate’ golf. After a few years of barely playing and working on the business side of golf, I’m really starting to enjoy the game again.  I’m curious to find out what ‘real’ competition feels like after being away.  Will I love it?  Will I hate it?  Will I excel like I know I can, or not?  Big Break will be my test.”

Of course, anyone who has seen this video knows not to bet against Lepp (it doesn’t get top billing, but for our money, the shot at the 1:28 mark is mind-boggling). It’s hard to imagine the Golf Channel can come up with any tougher challenge than that.

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