Improve Your Lag Putting

Published on Thursday, August 17th, 2017 in Golf Tips

The Cascade Golfer Cup rolled into Gamble Sands last week, which meant the Cascade Golfer staff did, too — we’re certainly not passing up an excuse to visit the No. 1 golf course in Washington state, and call it work.

And while we generally scored well — as almost everyone does who plays Gamble Sands (assuming you stay out of the sand), a credit to its wide fairways, friendly backboards and greens that, while as much as 60 yards deep, don’t break as much as you think they will — there was one aspect of our game that we realized needed a little work: lag putting.

With greens that large, it’s not uncommon to stare down a 50- or 60-footer. And knocking it close can mean the difference between two putts and three (or, gulp, four), potentially cutting or adding a half dozen strokes or more to your game.

In this week’s Cascade Golfer Tip of the Week, the gents at share a practice routine you can do on the green before your round to help dial in your feel on those long putts, and develop a repeatable stroke.

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