How to Strike Your Irons Pure

Published on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 in Golf Tips

Over the last year or so, I’ve lost about 20 yards on my irons. It wasn’t hard to figure out why — I changed my swing a little over the last two years and have been hitting the ball straighter on average, but I’m now striking the ground just behind the ball instead of just in front of it, as good players do. I’ll take shorter if it means straighter, but 20 yards is a lot to give up — especially on a windy day.

While I was able to determine what I was doing, it’s proven a lot harder to fix it. In the video above, the gents at walk through a drill you can do to work on making better contact with the ball, and ensuring that you’re striking the ball before the turf. In the video, they recommend using a can of spray paint to draw a line — at the very least, check with any golf course or driving range before doing so. If it’s not feasible to use spray paint, just drawing a line in the turf will suffice. Enjoy!

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