How To Play From Wet Fairways

Published on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 in Golf Tips

It took two months longer than usual, but we at Cascade Golfer finally got out on the golf course this week for our first round of the year. Now, that’s not to say that no one from the office has played — heck, one of our employees is even trying to qualify for the U.S. Open. But, probably 60 percent of the golfers in our office had yet to set foot on a golf course prior to this week.

And do you know what we discovered? It’s WET out there. No, like, really wet. The greens were actually in great shape — firm and fast, having recently been top-dressed. As for the rest of the course, though, it was tough to find a dry lie anywhere — balls hit too high were plugged in fairways, and if you missed the fairway? Well, good luck finding that sucker.

When we could find our balls, we had to deal with the awkwardness of swinging a club on wet turf. It’s almost like hitting every shot out of a bunker, with your irons receiving very little bounce from the turf. As a result, you have to focus extra hard on keeping your weight forward and not coming down at all behind the ball — otherwise, you’ll cut right through that turf and lose all force at impact.

Coming back to the office today, we thought to review a few quick drills that will help us the next time we go out. It’s going to stop raining eventually … right? And when it does, we’ll be ready to go.

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