How To Hit Longer Drives

Published on Monday, April 2nd, 2018 in Golf Tips

Look, let’s be honest — we can put 100 tips a year on this site (we don’t) and the one that people will search for the most is, “How To Add Distance to my Driver.” No matter how many times we three-putt, or get stuck in a bunker, skull a chip of a hard lie or fail to compress our irons, the one shot we’d all improve if given a magic wand is our drive.

It’s not all hubris and sexiness, of course — sure, we like the way it feels to crush one long and straight as our friends “ooh” and “aah.” But knocking longer drives has a tangible effect on just about all of those other problems, too — if we’re longer off the tee, maybe we don’t need to hit a long iron; perhaps our second shot hits the green instead of landing just short in a bunker or on a hard-packed apron; or lands closer to the hole.

In this week’s Cascade Golfer Tip of the Week, we go back to our friends across the pond, Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of for the three power moves that will increase your driver distance this year.

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