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Improve Your Lag Putting

The Cascade Golfer Cup rolled into Gamble Sands last week, which meant the Cascade Golfer staff did, too — we’re certainly not passing up an excuse to visit the No. 1 golf course in Washington state, and call it work.

And while we generally scored well — as almost everyone does who plays Gamble Sands (assuming you stay out of the sand), a credit to its wide fairways, friendly backboards and greens that, while as much as 60 yards deep, don’t break as much as you think they will — there was one aspect of our game that we realized needed a little work: lag putting.

With greens that large, it’s not uncommon to stare down a 50- or 60-footer. And knocking it close can mean the difference between two putts and three (or, gulp, four), potentially cutting or adding a half dozen strokes or more to your game.

In this week’s Cascade Golfer Tip of the Week, the gents at share a practice routine you can do on the green before your round to help dial in your feel on those long putts, and develop a repeatable stroke.

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