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How To Hit Low, Penetrating Drives

It’s Open week, and that means that golfers traipsing around Royal Birkdale can expect plenty of wind blowing in off the Irish Sea. It’s something that we’re plenty used to around here as well, where the wind often picks up in afternoons, particularly closer to the water, or on the plains of Central and Eastern Washington.

In this week’s Cascade Golfer Tip of the Week, Clay Ballard of Top Speed Golf demonstrates the steps you need to take both at setup, and during the swing, to keep your drive low into the wind, and maximize your distance.

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Tips for Tall Players

If you’re tall like me, then the odds are good that you have a steep swing plane. That means you’re more likely to chop down on the ball, hitting a slice, while also costing you distance. It’s not our fault — we were born that way, dang it! — but that doesn’t mean […]

How to Strike Your Irons Pure

Over the last year or so, I’ve lost about 20 yards on my irons. It wasn’t hard to figure out why — I changed my swing a little over the last two years and have been hitting the ball straighter on average, but I’m now striking the ground just behind the ball instead […]

Common Mistakes At Set-Up

Last week, we talked about common grip flaws and how to avoid them. This week, we’re continuing the theme with some of the more common mistakes golfers make during the set-up — some grip-related, yes, but also foot position, body alignment, etc. It’s amazing how often our swings are doomed before we’ve even taken […]

Common Grip Flaws and How To Avoid Them

Many of the most common swing faults start the second we place our hands on the club. It’s not something most golfers think about too often — we’ve all picked up a golf club thousands, if not tens of thousands of times, and our hands automatically go to the same places every time.

But, […]

Lefty’s Tips For Lag Putting

If you wanted advice on designing software, you’d ask Bill Gates. Likewise, if you’re looking to knock down more three-pointers, you’d talk to Steph Curry. And if you’re looking to work on your short game, you’d go to Phil Mickelson.

So, that’s what we’ve done this week, in response to a question about drills […]

Add Distance to Your Drives

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I don’t hit the ball quite as far as I used to. Now, some of that, certainly, is due to the fact that I don’t bother stretching or warming up before most rounds — my body is back is basically a rigid board that I spend […]

How To Play From Wet Fairways

It took two months longer than usual, but we at Cascade Golfer finally got out on the golf course this week for our first round of the year. Now, that’s not to say that no one from the office has played — heck, one of our employees is even trying to qualify for […]

Use Water Bottles to Stop Your Slice

Water bottles? Hear me out. Most golfers who slice the ball (which is, most golfers, including yours truly) do so because we swing our drivers with an outside-to-in swing path — that is, the clubhead starts outside the ball on our downswing, then finishes inside the ball, relative to the line on […]

Chipping From Bare Lies

As we approach the end of summer — particularly a summer like this one, with plenty of warm temperatures and thousands of rounds of golf being played around the state — it’s not uncommon to find courses where the grass around the greens is starting to thin out a bit, either from the […]

3 Swing Faults to Avoid

Sometimes, when my ball flight isn’t what I want it to be, I know exactly what’s wrong, and if I don’t know how to fix it, a quick Google search will typically turn up the answer. Other times, though, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

If you’re in the latter camp, then […]