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Bettinardi Putters

Puetz Golf Price: Starting at $299.99

Between researching products for Cascade Golfer four times a year, writing weekly product reviews for the website, and traveling to consumer golf expos all over the country, we see a lot of new golf clubs, and hear a lot of techno-speak from manufacturers and their representatives. So it […]

adidas Tech Response 2.0 Shoes

adidas Tech Response 2.0 Shoes
Puetz Golf:

Before we go any further, check that price again — $59.99. No we didn’t leave off the “1” — these are name-brand golf shoes, for under $60.

A combination mesh and synthetic upper gives flexibility and breathability, while the adiWEAR outsole with TRAXION provides stability, and the […]

Odyssey O-Works WBW Putters

Puetz Golf Price: $219.99

Golfers like Odyssey’s new O-Works putters. No, we mean they really like them.

The new putters, which we wrote about in April, feature a metal “Microhinge” insert that performs like Odyssey’s industry-changing “White Hot” insert, but with a more pleasing sound and feel. That’s what’s made O-Works popular not only with […]

Honma Be ZEAL 525 Driver

Puetz Golf Price: $604.99

Most manufacturers want you to buy as many clubs as possible over the course of your life. I mean, duh, right? The more clubs you buy, the more money Callaway, or Titleist, or PING makes. Thus, the constant cycle of new technologies, new must-have releases, all designed to get you […]

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putters

Puetz Golf Price: $299.99

What do Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Sergio Garcia all have in common? If you said, “They’re all professional golfers,” — well, c’mon, jeez, get more creative. Not only are they all major champions, and all ranked among the top-10 golfers in the world (see how easy that was?), they […]

Callaway GBB EPIC

Puetz Golf Price: Driver – $499.99 | Fway – $279.99

Speed slots, moveable weights, far-forward (or far-back) CG … over the last 10 years, manufacturers have been in a constant battle to discover the next design breakthrough, soon to be copied by all others.

If there’s going to be one such breakthrough in […]

PING iBlade Irons

Puetz Golf Price: $1,049

So far in 2016, PING’s club releases have seemed to signal the company’s desire to simplify its various lines — where once there were i-series, G-series, S-series and Anser-series irons, there’s now just the G (considered the more forgiving line) and, with the release of this summer’s iBlades, the i […]

PING Vault Putters

Puetz Golf Price: $299.99

Fifty years ago, PING’s reputation was built on a single club — the Anser putter. These days, even as the company produces industry-leading products across the full scope of the golf game, it hasn’t lost sight of its roots.

Take this year’s most recent putters. Called the “Vault” series, the […]

Honma G1X Metalwoods

Puetz Golf Price: Driver -$429.99, Fairway – $249.99

In the U.S., we tend to think of the golf marketplace as dominated by a handful of major manufacturers — TaylorMade, Callaway, PING, Nike, etc. Travel outside the U.S., though, and you’ll see all kinds of clubs from manufacturers that only rarely appear on […]

Nike Air Rival 4

Puetz Golf Price: $79.99

Unlike its fellow 2016 sibling, the Air Zoom 90 IT, the Air Rival 4 doesn’t come with a cool, Rory McIlroy-inspired origin story. But that $79.99 price tag is tough to beat.

Especially for a shoe that’s every bit the performer of many of its higher-priced rivals. The synthetic leather upper is designed […]