Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series

Published on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 in Gear of the Week

MSRP: $360 | Puetz Half Price Sale: $149.95

In recent years, as club manufacturers look to up the ante in the ongoing technology war, much of the focus has been on weight – creating drivers that are lighter, and thus faster, than any before to help golfers maximize distance.

However, lightest is not always best – a golfer with a fast swing speed may not need the lightest driver, but instead prefer one that offers other benefits like workability.

Enter Cleveland. In 2011, Cleveland became the first manufacturer to begin fitting golfers not for shaft length, draw bias, or other well-covered subjects – but for weight. Cleveland’s “Right Weight Fitting System” considers factors like swing type and performance goals to determine which of its three ultra-light drivers – the TL 310, SL 290 or XL 270, each of whom’s name is specific to its weight in grams – is right for you.

The XL 270 is the lightest of the three – indeed, one of the lightest ever made – and is perfect for a golfer with a slower swing speed or one looking to maximize distance. The TL 310 is the heaviest by comparison only (it’s still 25 grams lighter than the average Tour driver) and is the most workable of the three – good for a hard-swinging low handicapper who prefers shot-shaping ability over pure juice. The SL 290 is the compromise – increasing speed distance over the TL 310, without sacrificing as much playability as the all-heat XL 270.

Best of all, Puetz Golf’s annual Half-Price Sale is featuring the Cleveland Launcher drivers for as low as $149.95 — nearly 60 percent lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on the same club. Of course, the sale only lasts through Aug. 15, so check it out today at or at a Puetz Golf location near you!

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