Callaway HEX Black Tour

Published on Monday, October 1st, 2012 in Gear of the Week

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We don’t often use this space to write about golf balls. So when we do, you can be sure the ball in question is worth a look.

One question we’ve received on occasion at our Cascade Golfer Cup tournaments is whether a player can swap balls throughout their round – say, a low-spin ball on the tee, a high-spin ball from the fairway or a softer ball on the green. The answer is no – you can replace a ball if lost, but otherwise, you’re required to use the same ball from tee to green.

With Callaway’s new HEX Black Tour, however, that’s not a problem. The HEX Black Tour is one of the first balls manufactured specifically to perform differently on different types of shots. A soft inner core – one of the softest in Callaway history, in fact – absorbs impact to generate a higher spin when struck with a high-loft club like an iron or wedge, and a softer landing on the green, while a firm outer core maximizes distance and ball flight off the tee. In essence, it’s a high-spin ball and a low-spin ball, depending on what club you use to hit it.

Check it out at the link above, or test them for yourself at a Puetz Golf location near you!

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