Callaway Golf RAZR Fit U-Design System

Published on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 in Gear of the Week

Callaway's new U-Design system lets golfers build their own RAZR Fit driver from head to grip.

Puetz Golf Price: RAZR Fit drivers starting at $449.95

Choosing a driver is a lot like dating — you go into it with a rough idea of the qualities you’re hoping to find in a partner (max distance, forgiveness), spend a little time getting to know a few that seem promising, and hopefully find one with which to develop a long and lasting partnership.

Just as in the dating world, though, too often that relationship only goes skin deep — with every manufacturer vying to differentiate their drivers as much by color as performance, golfers often find themselves buying drivers on paint color, rather than performance.

That’s what makes Callaway’s new uDesign platform so cool — not only can golfers log in to the uDesign program at and completely customize a RAZR Fit driver to their exact specifications (including shaft and grip models, club weight, swing weight, lie angle, loft angle and more), they can also choose from a rainbow of colors.

Want a driver with purple and gold (or crimson and gray) accents to show off your school pride? Done. Or maybe you want to do what Alvaro Quiros did, and get one in every color, to match your outfit on any given day. The range of colors (including grips and clubheads) and club customizations amount to over 70,000 different setups — giving you the paint you want, and the performance you need.

And best of all, it’s always willing to spend a day with you on the golf course.


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