Adams Golf Idea Super XTD Hybrid

Published on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 in Gear of the Week

Puetz Golf Price: $299.95

It’s almost not even worth going over the benefits of hybrids anymore — the clubs, once shunned by golf’s mainstream, are now commonplace in the bags of the game’s top professionals. One teaching pro recently told me that every golfer with a double-digit handicap should replace their 3-7 irons with hybrids … with a 3-hybrid already in my bag, I swapped out my 4-iron for a hybrid this spring and almost overnight began hitting my 190-yard approach shots with ease.

Easier to hit from tight lies, and especially from the short rough, hybrids have become ubiquitous on golf courses from Auburn to Augusta, with Adams the unquestioned market leader.

Adams’ newest hybrid, the Idea Super XTD, is marketed as “a driver in a hybrid body,” with increased ball speed and launch angle, but lower spin rates — the perfect formula for shots get airborne quickly and don’t come down until they’re far, far down the fairway. New “velocity slots” on the crown and sole look like something you might see on a putter, but work together to produce a spring-like effect across the entire face for maximum distance and forgiveness — indeed, many testers have reported hitting the 17-degree Super XTD hybrids (roughly equivalent to a 2-iron) within 5-10 yards of their existing 3-woods.


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